The biggest gripe we hear from prospective clients is how unhappy they are with the substandard equipment that they currently have. Speakers that distort, lighting that’s dull and screens that are missing pixels or have poor colour quality.

At WH Leisure, we put the customer-experience first. Our approach to installations is to ask “Would we be happy with this?”. If the answer’s no, we look for something better. Sound has to be clean and crisp, with a real depth of tone that’s audible without being loud. Lighting has to be vibrant and sharp without looking like a bad wedding disco. Screens have to be pixel-perfect, visible from as many areas as possible.

The WH Leisure promise is that you won’t have a gripe or complaint about any of our installations because everything has to meet our own level of excellence. Silver Blade Ice Rinks and Planet Ice are amazing brands and great examples of how investing in the right installation with WH Leisure helps separate you as a brand from your competition.

Our installation engineers are compliant with the most up-to-date Health & Safety requirements and legislation having passed XX recent examinations. Our engineers are also accredited with XX. We take H&S incredibly seriously, the lives of your customers and longevity of your business very much depend on it. Our number one priority is delivering an installation that complies to every letter of the law.

What’s important to remember though, is no two installations are the same, and you shouldn’t accept anything that appears otherwise. We work with you from the earliest possible stages of planning to get things right from the very beginning – no surprises, no last-minute curve balls and no costly mistakes!