Mobile Staging

“The stage is a magic circle where only the most real things happen.” We’ve seen wonders take place on stages all across the country and we believe these moments are what make memories that last a lifetime.

Mobile staging takes this concept one step further though because we can provide a stage for you to make the magic happen quite literally anywhere. Whether they’re truss supported, housed within inflatable structures or made from collapsible panels off the side of a trailer – we have the kit to make it happen anywhere!

From the moment we arrive on-site, we’re flexible to work around you as your installation unfolds. Our smallest stages can be erected inside of forty minutes, without larger stages taking between two and three hours. The time to build is dependent on the size and scale of the stage and the location we’re working at.

Our installation engineers are on-site to provide H&S advise and make sure stages are built to be compliant with legislative requirements. The fact our engineers double as H&S advisors mean your return on investment is maximised as each engineer provides two functions for you.

Ultimately, what you need to know is our mobile staging provides a weather-proof solution that comes installed by knowledgeable and experienced engineers. Our solutions are versatile enough to be put into a variety of scenarios from forests to cities and snowy ground to sandy beaches. Talk to us today to see just what we can do for you!