So Springsteen

WH Leisure are proud to support Hicklin Music Productions with their “The Sound of Springsteen” tour, which is performed by So Springsteen; a band which formed in the latter stages 2017.

Since the band’s union, they have toured heavily around Europe and won over the hearts of music lovers from all four corners of the globe. The band have been performing at a variety of venues, making an incredible volume of public appearances, all of which whilst recording new music too.

WH Leisure are thrilled to announce audio and visual support for the band on their tour dates and festival performances up and down the country. It’s imperative the band have a flawless technical experience with every show; something they’re guaranteed to realise with WH Leisure.

This is a fine example of our expertise in handling bands on-the-road and how we can manage multiple, demanding technical requirements simultaneously from instruments, to microphones and percussion.

For more information on So Springsteen, please visit their website.