It’s difficult to summarise what we’re able to do within a theatre. Never 42 and So Springsteen tributes, Dance Schools and Amateur-Dramatic Musicals and even those guilty pleasures such as Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have done and continue to do them all, trying to sum it up in one paragraph wouldn’t do it justice.

Our Sound, Lighting, Video & Special FX Engineers have been involved in pre-production planning, rehearsals and live-show management. Trained to our demanding standards, our engineers are versed with handling in-the-moment challenges faced by working on a live show and are able to react calmly, appropriately and effectively under the pressure of a live audience.

Away from the live-show and cast work, our team also has experience working at the many of the famous halls around the North West too; having provided installation of lighting and sound solutions and maintaining the equipment post-installation too.

Whether you’re organising an amateur-dramatics production, professional show or band production; we’re here to help. Our team – from all of our engineers through to our show-callers – are with you every step of the way to get things looking, sounding and feeling just right.